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Episode 34 | Finding Plenty in a World of Scarcity, Pt. II

Line Ramstad discusses the origin of Gyaw Gyaw and introduces their methods.

Episode 34 | Finding Plenty in a World of Scarcity, Pt. II

About Gyaw Gyaw
Gyaw Gyaw is a community development nonprofit that works with the vulnerable Karen people at the border between Myanmar and Thailand. Gyaw Gyaw, which means slowly, step-by-step in the Karen language, seeks to empower the Karen people by constructing resilient schools and houses using low-cost, sustainable building techniques and with community input to ensure designs are appropriate to the customs and culture of each village. Gwaw Gwaw was co-founded by Norwegian landscape architect Line Ramstad and villagers from the remote Karen village of Noh Bo in 2008. Ramstad visited Noh Bo as part of short-term architectural project, then when the project was finished she decided to stay and work in partnership with local villagers – a collective that would eventually become Gyaw Gyaw.

Gyaw Gyaw is a Curry Stone Foundation Social Design Circle Honoree. Read more about it here.


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