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Inteligencias Colectivas

Based in Spain, but with members and projects all over the world, Inteligencias Colectivas focuses on what it calls the ‘fringe’ of construction practice. Between the highly mechanized construction of the developed world and ancient methods used in less developed societies, there exists an infinite array of blended practices that have their own wisdom. Through its online platform, Inteligencias Colectivas collects, collates and shares these practices.

Through this information sharing, the group seeks to create a learning system where practitioners across the world can learn from improvisations being conducted by their peers in other contexts.

Inteligencias Colectivas’ work operates at all scales. Depending on the context, the group works with furniture, installations, public infrastructure, and architectural projects. These are usually self-initiated­ by collective members, ensuring that each project is rooted in a local context. The use of found objects and waste streams is heavily emphasized as a budgetary consideration and as a formative ethos of the group.

The projects are then featured on the collective website, with plans, instructions, narratives and diagrams, so that the strategies involved can be recycled into new projects in other contexts. Their work is perfectly captured by their name: their efforts are done to capture the collective intelligence of a world full of social designers, all working at the grassroots level.