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Founded in 2007, The Curry Stone Foundation (CSF) is the brainchild of architect, urban planner and developer Cliff Curry, FAIA and the historical archaeologist
Dr. Delight Stone, RPA.

CSF’s mission is to empower community-driven social impact design. It supports groups and individuals using design to build healthier, more vital communities. At the same time, it actively inspires design as a tool for social change, especially in marginalized communities. In all cases, it encourages designers and communities to work in close collaboration.

The Foundation’s primary areas of interest are shelter, community building, health care, environmental issues, education, and peace. Inherent to all it does is the belief that design should be accessible to those in greatest need.


The Curry Stone Foundation’s programmatic work extends from a desire to empower and inspire design as a tool to create social change. Programs fall under the following three areas:

Collaborative Practice

Collaborative Practice

The Curry Stone Design Foundation (CSDF) is a design studio and collective of architects, planners and activists working alongside poor communities towards a shared goal: address inequalities in the built environment. Launched in India in 2017, we have projects underway in diverse areas throughout the country, collaborating closely with communities on dignified places to live, learn, play and work.

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The Curry Stone Foundation supports a wide variety of initiatives related to the teaching of public interest design. Our flagship podcast Social Design Insights, draws 40,000 listeners per month, sharing best practices with leading practitioners around the globe. At a deeper level, the Foundation works with academic partners to expand and develop public interest design curricula.

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Design Practice Network

Design Practice Network

From 2007-2017, we awarded the Curry Stone Design Prize, an annual juried prize for social design. As a result, the foundation built a significant, diverse network of social design practices from all regions of the world. We continue to support these practices and to promote their work in order to inspire others. This includes facilitating collaborations, sharing innovative projects, organizing formal and informal gatherings and staying in regular dialog with all of our winners, honorees and funding recipients.

Meet our Design Prize Winners
Meet our Social Design Circle Honorees

Curry Stone Foundation Founders Cliff Curry And Delight Stone

Listen to Episode 57 of Social Design Insights to get to know our founders Cliff Curry and Delight Stone and learn how their careers in archeology, city planning, and architecture inspired a foundation dedicated to community driven social impact design.



Clifford Curry, FAIA


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Dr. Delight Stone


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Gary Feuerstein

Andre Gustavo Guarienti de Almeida Ferreira

Dr. Louisa Silva

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Leah Freidenrich

Foundation Director

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Eric Cesal

Director of Educational Initiatives
Host, Social Design Insights

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Sandhya Naidu Janardhan

Managing Director, Curry Stone Design Collaborative

Managing Director, Curry Stone Design Foundation

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Baruch Zeichner

Sound Engineer
Producer, Social Design Insights

Donna Cooper Read

Filmmaker and Advisor

Cindy Luzier



Diana Bianchini

Di Moda Public Relations

Emiliano Gandolfi

Emeritus Prize Secretary

Community Networks Advisor

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Phoebe Curry Campbell

Writer and Advisor

Kim Saunders

Strategic Advisor

Rahul Mehrotra


The Team

Clifford Curry, FAIA


Architect Clifford Curry’s fifty-plus year career has been dedicated to strengthening underserved communities using architecture, design-and collaboration.

In 1968, while still in architecture school, he created the first-ever master plan for his hometown of Bloomington, Indiana. Next, he relocated to Oregon (where he remains) and led an urban renewal project for the city of Salem. In both cases he forged consensus between civic leaders and residents from all walks of life, resulting in a collective vision for a more vibrant and livable city. These early commissions influenced his belief that all types of problems can be approached from a design standpoint.

For over thirty-five years, Cliff focused his practice on senior living. He designed 320 affordable, service-rich facilities that have been home to 2.4 million seniors in the US, China, Canada and the UK. Worlds away from the usual, dreary “old people’s homes,” Cliff innovated buildings that mitigate loneliness, elevate quality of life and promote wellbeing-years before this thinking was fashionable. Drawing on his city planning experience, Cliff also ensured the facilities were perceived as an asset to surrounding neighborhoods. Arguably his work changed the paradigm for senior housing.

In 2007, out of a desire to further the use of design as a tool to improve the lives of people who don’t usually have access to design services, he co-founded the Curry Stone Foundation with his partner, historical archeologist and community activist Delight Stone. Together with their team, they promote, empower and inspire a global generation of social design pioneers working in-and with, diverse communities.

In 2015 The American Institute of Architects recognized Cliff with a Fellowship designation in recognition of his work in the senior living community and promoting humanitarian design. In 2015 the SF AIA honored the Curry Stone Foundation with one of their annual awards.

Dr. Delight Stone


For over forty years Dr. Delight Stone has worked across platforms and geographies promoting, defending and creating community vitality.

Delight is a philanthropist, historical archeologist and community activist. This activism has been local, national, and international and includes work in archaeology, cultural resource management, architectural preservation, design, public health, and environmental and social justice. This includes participation with the Reclaiming group Living River, North Santiam Watershed Council in opposition to the Kinross Copper Mine, and the creation of the Guadalupe Medical Clinic in Salem, Oregon.

Born and raised in the rural west, especially the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, Delight grew up working in the fields, picking crops, and on farms. She then worked her way through undergraduate school and after graduation worked in as an engineering technician. Subsequently she earned an international MBA, a masters in applied anthropology and a PhD in historical archaeology.

In 2007, she and Cliff Curry co-founded the Curry Stone Foundation and the Curry Stone Design Prize to promote and honor designers who address the critical social needs of people who are not typically served by the design community. The prize championed the belief that design can be a powerful force for improving lives and strengthening communities. Among other facets of the prize, Delight oversaw production of short documentary videos about the winners.

When not travelling to India to visit project sites for the Curry Stone Design Collaborative or working on behalf of practices in the Curry Stone design network, Delight enjoys reading mystery books, cooking, and Bikram Hot Yoga.

Emiliano Gandolfi

Director of Community Networks

Emiliano Gandolfi is an urbanist and independent curator. After a long-term engagement directing the Curry Stone Design Prize, he is currently developing programs to support the Curry Stone design network. Gandolfi is also co-founder of Cohabitation Strategies, a non-profit cooperative for socio-spatial research, design and development.

Eric Cesal

Director of Educational initiatives
Host, Social Design Insights

Eric J. Cesal is a designer, writer, and noted post-disaster expert, having led on-the-ground reconstruction programs after the Haiti earthquake, the Great East Japan Tsunami, and Superstorm Sandy. Formally trained as an architect, Cesal counts international development, economics and foreign policy among his areas of expertise. He is currently visiting faculty at the University of California, Berkeley.

Cesal has been called “Architecture’s First Responder” by The Daily Beast for his work leading Architecture for Humanity’s post-disaster programs from 2010 to 2014. Cesal has been interviewed widely on the subjects of disaster and resilience by publications such as The New Yorker, Architectural Record, Architect Magazine, and Foreign Policy Magazine.

Cesal hosts the weekly podcast Social Design Insights, in conversation with the world’s leading public interest design practitioners.

Sandhya Naidu Janardhan

Managing Director, Curry Stone Design Collaborative

Sandhya Naidu is the Managing Director of Curry Stone Design Collaborative. She is currently collaborating with a diverse group of communities across India using simple design interventions helping create dignified places to live, learn, play and work.

Prior to moving to Mumbai, Sandhya spent 3-years in Singapore working as an Associate at Tierra Design, an award-winning, boutique landscape architecture firm. She had the opportunity to work on integrative design projects across East and Southeast Asia and was part of the senior management team in charge of business development and operations at the firm. This period was critical to Sandhya’s growth as an architect and designer, giving her better insights into commercial design practices and real-estate development. This experience eventually led her back to work in service to communities that are most in need, but equipped with a more balanced view of ‘mainstream architecture’ and ‘social architecture’.

Sandhya’s first main venture into the professional practice of architecture was at Architecture of Humanity. During her time there, Sandhya learned the incredible role that design and planning can play in changing, improving and mitigating inequities in the built environment.

Sandhya held various positions managing design projects, programme development, operations, and lean innovation interventions with a focus on community-led design. Sandhya worked in multiple countries with a particular focus on education and healthcare, including Haiti where she addressed post-disaster reconstruction work after the 2010 earthquake. Sandhya is a graduate of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation in New York City; and the architecture programme at RV College of Engineering in Bangalore, India. She is a TED Fellow, has been nominated for the Yale World Fellows Program, and served on the jury for the Nathaniel A. Owings Award.

Leah Freidenrich


Leah has a background in education, library and information studies and psychology.

She has spent a lifetime cultivating curiosity and assisting people with their informational, philosophical and psychological questions. Leah holds graduate degrees from the University of Southern California and Pacifica Graduate Institute. When she is not traveling, she enjoys literary fiction, photography and gardening with her cat Newman.