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RootStudio is a multidisciplinary design studio originating in Oaxaca City, Mexico that develops structures and housing for communities in need. RootStudio works in painting, illustration, sculpture and architecture.

RootStudio emphasizes community participation and the engagement of local community members throughout the design process. In most cases, their work is done by request after a community solicits help in the design and building of a structure.

RootStudio has no predefined ‘style.’  Instead they prefer to choose materials and techniques based on the vernacular of the area where they are working. In most cases, that favors natural materials like adobe, stone, bamboo and tile. RootStudio projects also typically employ ‘natural’ building systems, such as rainwater collection, passive ventilation, and more.

While they are based in Mexico, they have worked as far afield as Nepal, India.

They are also noted for utilizing local craftsmen to make the tiles and bricks that go into their projects. The completed project therefore, is an amalgam of the labor, culture and interests of the community it serves.

Their goal is to create strategies and utilize materials that are replicable on other projects in the community. By emphasizing the natural and the local, a localized knowledge base is created that can be redeployed on future projects.