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Founded by Gianluca Stasi, Ctrl+Z Architecture practices collaborative, participatory, self-construction initiatives throughout the world. It believes that at its heart, architecture is more about interaction with communities than specific materials or approaches.

Recently, Ctrl+Z has had a particular focus on low-tech, low-cost geodesic domes. Since 2010, Ctrl+Z has been teaching a series of educational workshops and programs entitled “Geodesic Geometries,” wherein students are encouraged to utilize found and recycled material in a collaborative manner. Experiments have been conducted with pallets, and window blinds, with an emphasis on helping students understand how materials can be multi-purposed.

Ctrl+Z’s approach is based on a philosophy of engagement – that form and material arise out of the method of interaction one chooses.

Where possible, Ctrl+Z has explored alternative markets as a means to actualize projects, including collective work, self-building, mutual aid and barter systems.