Community Design Agency

Community Design Agency, an initiative of Curry Stone Design Collaborative, is an architecture and design agency that collaborates with diverse communities in need to create sustainable change.

CDA envisions an inclusive world where every human enjoys access to vibrant, safe and healthy spaces to live, work and play. Its mission is to work alongside communities, drive social and spatial improvements through participatory planning, community-driven design and architecture, advocacy and consultation for those in need.

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Our Process

Building Trust

We believe in building strong relationships and trust through long-term engagement with the communities. This helps us gain an in-depth and contextual understanding of their circumstances.

Participatory Planning

A deliberate, collaborative process is as important as the final built space. This involves working alongside people who will ultimately use the spaces, engaging them as stakeholders in an inclusive, replicable, participatory manner to unearth real needs and spark sustainable self-determination.

Children reclaiming their play areas

Community-led Action

Our design process supports organic and community-led transformation by enabling and empowering community members to become decision makers while we play the role of being facilitators.

Sandhya working with local women

Human-Centered Design

We understand that each community and their needs are unique; therefore, our solutions vary. We use design as a tool to enhance human flourishing and improve physical, social and psychological well-being. We pay particular attention to the potential long-term impacts of our interventions on the health and wellness of our client communities.

CDA Initiatives in Progress

Can former slum and pavement dwellers design better living solutions for themselves? As developing-world cities grow, housing estates for slum and pavement dwellers multiply. In India, the liveability of these developments is questionable, so CDA and residents will collaborate on positive changes.
How can a designer build trust among residents under a constant threat of eviction? The residents of a Ahmednagar slum live under a constant threat of eviction. CDA is focusing on trust building, empowering residents to take on development and construction of their homes.
How can the widening education gap be bridged? Kitaab Mahal is a children's library at Natwar Parekh Colony, designed and built by Community Design Agency in collaboration with the residents.
How can art help activate public spaces? Transforming desolate corners into thriving social spaces, in a neighbourhood that lacks usable common areas, shows the potential of placemaking tools and community-led initiatives in this public housing colony

Updates from the Field