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Episode 19 | The Trajectory of Social Design, Pt. I

Sergio Palleroni discusses his thirty year career in Social Impact Design.

Episode 19 | The Trajectory of Social Design, Pt. I

About Sergio Palleroni
Sergio Palleroni has been a long-standing leader, thinker, practitioner and educator in the field of social impact design. Palleroni has taught at the University of Washington Seattle, University of Texas Austin, and is currently a professor at Portland State University, where he founded and now leads the Center for Public Interest Design. Palleroni’s career in public interest design actually predates the term ‘public interest design.’ Drawing inspiration from educator/philosophers like Paolo Freire and Ivan Illych, Palleroni began working in the 1980’s in Nicaragua, working for the Sandinista government in the aftermath of the Nicaraguan revolution. From there, his work took him to Mexico, where he worked on reconstruction after the Mexico City earthquake.

Later in his career, Palleroni would develop and implement the first U.S. academic certification for those wishing to pursue a career in public interest design. Along the way, Palleroni has trained and mentored generations of public interest designers who continue to influence the field in their own way. He has succeeded in being a revolutionary for the past thirty years, and shows no signs of stopping.

Sergio Palleroni is a Curry Stone Foundation Social Design Circle Honoree. Read more about it here.


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