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115 | Designing for Women & Girls

Anna Meddaugh is an American designer who developed a personal, reusable urinal designed for women and girls in refugee camps to use at night when the threat of rape makes going to the communal latrines too dangerous. She named her design “The Night Loo.”

115 | Designing for Women & Girls

The Night Loo allows women and girls to attend to essential biological functions within the relative safety and comfort of their shelter at night. The product is compact, simple to use, and safe to keep inside the living quarters. The Night Loo is packaged with a dissolving packet of super-absorbent polymer which quickly turns liquid waste into an odorless powder and makes emptying and cleaning relatively easy.

The folded design folds flat, and when assembled, offers a splash guard, secure cover, and spout for emptying easily.

In the morning, when it is safer to go to the latrines, a user can carry the Night Loo to pour out the powder into the latrines, and unfold the urinal flat in order to clean it.

The Night Loo has already received international attention, including the Core77 Design Award for Design for Social Impact (2018), a finalist for the IDSA/IDEA Award, as well as a finalist for the James Dyson Award.

We were able to catch up with Anna Meddaugh on our podcast Social Design Insights, where she discussed the role of prototyping, her process and how she plans to develop the Night Loo into production.

Have a listen.


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