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111 | Adapting our Global Institutions to Today’s Challenges

Dr. Nina Hall is an Assistant Professor of International Relations at John Hopkins University School of Advanced International Relations, where she studies the global organizations that preside over issues of climate change, migration and displacement.

111 | Adapting our Global Institutions to Today’s Challenges

Dr. Hall’s work looks specifically at how historical agencies like UNHCR, IOM, UNDP, DFID, etc. are grappling with new threats in the age of global migration, urbanization and climate change. She also writes increasingly on digital advocacy, including an upcoming book, and how organizations are using digital tools and platforms to advocate for issues across national boundaries.

Outside of the Academy, Dr. Hall writes frequently in defence of the rights of refugees, women, indigenous peoples and others. She has co-founded a new independent organization, New Zealand Alternative, which promotes a progressive role for New Zealand in the world. She has advocated for more diverse voices on New Zealand’s role in the world, and outlined how the country’s Labour-led government could rethink its foreign policy on gender equality, aid and indigenous relations.

She continues to write in defence of refugee rights and global migration. Her recent articles range from examining whether social media is a platform for supporting or attacking refugees, to analysing whether the UN Global Compact for Migration is a major breakthrough. She has also commented on New Zealand’s proposed humanitarian visa for climate refugees, on what a progressive foreign policy could look like for the country, and more recently on how New Zealand could use its influence during the COVID crisis.

We were fortunate enough to catch up with Dr. Hall on Social Design Insights, where she discussed her work and the pantheon of international agencies that shape refugees and migration. Have a listen at the link above!


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