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109 | All the Stories Left to Tell

Amanda Baillieu founded Archiboo in 2014 as a new kind of architectural discussion space, building on the changing landscape of design media after the Great Recession.

109 | All the Stories Left to Tell

Before founding Archiboo, Baillieu was the editor of UK architecture titles Building Design and RIBA Journal. She was interested in a new kind of dialogue about architecture that would explore the key drivers of a profession undergoing huge change. The Great Recession fueled many changes in how we practice architecture, and it follows that how we write and speak about architecture would change as well.

Archiboo has expanded to capture a variety of conversations about design and the social & economic frameworks that produce it. Archiboo produces the Architect Pitch, the Architect Web Awards, the Small Site conference, and Independent Developer Masterclasses with Rare Space.

In 2021 Amanda launched the Activism Award to reward a group or individual that is addressing one of the built environment’s pressing challenges from issues of inequality and diversity to homelessness. In its first year, the award was won by Amy Francis-Smith, who speaks up for disabled people and the discrimination many of them face within the current housing market. 

The Activism Award, supported by SOM and Buro Happold, is open to all practices and individuals who are striving for a better future – not just for the industry itself but for the wider world. The Archiboo Awards now include categories for podcasts, community engagement, and innovation alongside categories for design, film, social media, storytelling, written content, and user experience. 

Amanda is currently writing a book with Gus Zogolovitch on architect developers which will be published by RIBA Publishing in 2023.

We were fortunate enough to have Amanda on our podcast Social Design Insights, where she spoke with us about how design media is and needs to change. Have a listen at the link above.


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