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106 | Making Design a Part of the Conversation

Diana Budds is a design writer & producer based in New York City. She writes, edits and produces stories about design at all scales, with a particular focus on how design affects and reflects culture.

106 | Making Design a Part of the Conversation

Diana’s interest in the built environment comes from her personal experiences and identity. Her father has low vision, a disability that prevents him from getting a driver’s license. When she was young, they took the bus everywhere to get around, not owning a car until she was around five or six. She learned of all the ways cities did not work for her family, and that in order for those things to change, she needed to speak up. She decided to learn more about why cities are designed as they are, hoping to eventually influence them through her work.

Today, Diana is an accomplished storyteller and has produced stories in many forms, including articles, videos, moderated panels, and live events. Her work covers architecture, design, urbanism, technology, and culture, and throughout, she maintains a pointed focus on the social ramifications of design work.

Diana is currently the Senior Story Producer at Curbed. She was formerly a writer at Fast Company and a Senior Editor at Dwell.

We were fortunate to have Diana on Social Design Insights, where she discussed with host Eric Cesal the ways in which journalists can spark new insights through their choices. Have a listen at the link above.


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