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YA + K

YA+K brings young architects, urban planners, and designers together around projects that question and simultaneously invest in urban planning, architecture, design, and cultural action. The collective aims to create playful and evolving situations that stem from the imaginary to reality.

YA + K is a French collective of artists and designers who seek new ways of understanding and defining public space. Their work encompasses architecture, town planning, urban gardens, interventions, workshops, and more. YA + K’s mission is to promote the understanding of communities of ways to create their own spaces. This mission coincides with a focus on material re­utilization and therefore, an affinity for public spaces, wastelands, vacant lots, etc.

The collective utilizes an experimental approach tailored to given territories and is designed as a tool for the creation of catalysts for the construction and development of cities. Regularly partnering with local actors (local authorities, associations, etc.) and artists (videographers, visual artists, etc.), the collective makes the transversality of actors and practices the common denominator of all its projects.

YA+K projects focus on low-tech, do-it-yourself innovations and the creation of new economies.  YA+K also seeks to make the tools of creation available–whether hand tools, 3D Printers, or computers–so that the local community can become involved and engaged. The ultimate ambition is that the public understands its own power to shape its environment.

YA + K identifies the public workshop as their favorite tool. Their public workshops focus on freeing people from the classical, hierarchical constraints in society. The idea is that everyone can be a designer, and everyone can be a builder. All projects and programs are unified by a commitment to the idea that all public spaces can be organically and democratically created. 

We encourage you to learn more at their website.