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STEALTH.unlimited is an architectural practice based in Rotterdam and Belgrade that challenges conventional notions about the limits of architectural practice. While the co-founders Ana Džokić and Marc Neelen were trained as architects, their work is equally based around contemporary art and culture. Intensively collaborative, STEALTH connects visual arts, urban research, cultural activism and special interventions. They have a particular focus on ‘common’ spaces; those shared by both the private and the public.

The group has developed interactive installations in Rotterdam, public art in Sweden, and a cultural development node in Medellin. They have collaborated extensively with cultural and educational partners, including the Netherlands Institute of Architecture and the University of Sheffield.

While many of their earlier projects were more piecemeal and experimental, the group has more recently embarked on longer term projects in both Rotterdam and Belgrade.

In 2010, the group was one of the initiators of a long-term initiative in Belgrade called Ko Gradi Grad (Who Builds the City). They began with a community-based process to attempt to include the voices that had been excluded by rampant, profit-driven development. Similarly, in 2014 they co-initiated ‘City in the Making’ in Rotterdam – a project that takes abandoned buildings and attempts to convert them to productive use.

Their process is straightforward: they take buildings off the market, convert them to affordable housing or workspace, designate the common areas free of rent, and democratically organize the administration of the building. Their projects are always self-organized and self-authorized.

The group has been lauded internationally for their progressive and diverse portfolio.