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Semillas para el Desarrollo Sostenible

Semillas para el Desarrollo Sostenible “Seeds for Sustainable Development” is a Peruvian non¬profit confronting development challenges in the Peruvian Amazon. Historically, this area has suffered from a lack of infrastructure development, most acutely from a lack of educational resources. This means parents face difficult decisions- they can leave their children uneducated, or migrate to cities so that their children can find schooling. In partnership with local governments and other agencies, Semillas hopes to reverse that trend.

Semillas is involved in people-centered processes through participatory methods, guiding self-sustainable management mechanisms, which are, in their opinion, the only way to empower the actors involved and one of the principal means to have political incidence. Through participatory workshops, in addition to getting to know the community and its context in depth, there is an exchange of knowledge. Participation means listening and generating space for debate and reflection at all stages of the process, to work not for the community but together with it. And it is through this process that, they feel, they can generate social impact, by assisting the community in management, generating economic sustainability strategies, and creating new links between different actors to define common objectives.

Their work stands as a work of architecture that seeks to address inequality through participatory processes, putting at the center of the debate the Peruvian context and the importance of reaching all territories with quality educational infrastructures. The final goal is contributing to change the paradigm of architecture and promote processes that aim to transform cities towards a more just society.

In their own words:

“We are interested in the whole process and on the impact of architecture on people’s lives.”