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Coloco is a collective of landscapers, artists, urban planners, and botanists working in a variety of mediums including mapping, physical gardening, and advocacy.

The collective was founded by the landscape designer Miguel Georgieff and architects Pablo Georgieff and Nicolas Bonnenfant. Since 1999, Coloco has developed urban and landscape design projects, through both collective and direct interventions. Coloco believes that landscape is both a common good and an opportunity for collective thought and action. Coloco explores diverse forms of activism, from workshops and conferences to active forms of gardening to utilize gardening as a form of community building. Fundamentally, Coloco seeks to create places that can bring communities together and generate new ideas among segregated populations.

They begin this process with community engagement, wherein multiple meetings are held to gather diverse ideas. These meetings are a form of collectivization, wherein original cartographic and visualization tools are developed to help all participants arrive at a shared project vision.

Currently, the collaborative is curating the Landscape Biennale of Versailles under the title “La Présence du Vivant” in the Potager du Roi. There, they also have developed a collaborative garden as a temporary piece, called “Le Potager des Autres.” 

In September, after the Biennale, the collaborative plans to initiate other gardens by distributing plants they call “Bosquets Voyageurs.” Some of these plants will be planted in base 217 in the periphery of Paris at a former military airport that they hope to develop into a public park. The rest of the plants will travel to “Foret Demain,” a 3000 sq meters urban forest near Paris.