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Episode 9 | Add, Transform, and Reuse!

Lacaton & Vassal Deconstructs Their Widely Acclaimed methods for the Readaptation of Modernist housing blocks in France.

Episode 9 | Add, Transform, and Reuse!

About Lacaton & Vassal
In 2004, Architects Anne Lacaton and Jean Phillipe Vassal made headlines with their manifesto, PLUS: Large Scale housing Development- an Exceptional Case. PLUS pushed back against the French government’s proposal to demolish urban, post-war social housing and replace it with smaller, more expensive new units. The alternative Lacaton and Vassal proposed is encapsulated by their dictum: “Never demolish, never remove or replace, always add, transform, and reuse!

Over the ensuing years, they put PLUS into motion, reconfiguring modernist housing blocks in Paris, Saint Nazarre and Bordeaux. This result was less expensive than re-building, low income residents were not forced further outside the city and the apartments are more livable than before. For example, floor slabs were extended at the sides of the buildings. This created balconies enclosed as winter gardens with floor to ceiling windows, taking advantage of both light and views. To minimize inconvenience on residents, much of the retrofitting was pre-fabricated so the time they were displaced was minimal. In some cases, in less than twenty-four hours a resident could have an improved, larger home.

Lacaton & Vassal is a Curry Stone Foundation Social Design Circle Honoree. Read more about it here.


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