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Episode 7 | Fighting for Dignified Housing, Part II

Jonathan Kirschenfeld and Brenda Rosen share their thoughts on the right to housing, and methodologies for doing supportive housing well.

Episode 7 | Fighting for Dignified Housing, Part II

About Jonathan Kirschenfeld
Jonathan Kirschenfeld is a New York architect widely known for his leadership in social housing design. Kirschenfeld is the founder and principal of Jonathan Kirschenfeld Architect PC, a firm specializing in environmentally and socially sustainable urban housing, childcare, recreation, and performance facilities, as well as the founder of the Institute for Public Architecture, a non-profit which promotes socially responsible architecture through urban research projects. He was the recipient of the inaugural 2014 HH Richardson Award for Public Architecture given by NY State Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

About Breaking Ground
Breaking Ground, formerly known as Common Ground, was an early pioneer in social housing in New York City, and has since grown to become the largest provider in the city. It re-purposes older buildings and builds new ones that combine dignified, permanent, affordable housing with services that support residents in breaking their cycle of homelessness. It calls its model “supportive housing.”

Breaking Ground and Jonathan Kirschenfeld are both Curry Stone Foundation Social Design Circle Honorees. Read more about them here:


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