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Episode 49 | Designing the Politics of the City

Vera and Ruedi Baur of Civic City discuss how graphic design can be a tool of political change.

Episode 49 | Designing the Politics of the City

About Vera and Ruedi Baur / Civic City
The team of Vera & Ruedi Baur / Civic City are widely credited with launching a wave of political activism within the fields of graphic design and its allied professions. While they eschew such credit, their work dates back decades to a point where graphic design was only beginning to confront the problems of the city. Previously graphic design was chiefly understood as a sub-profession of advertising and publishing. It was done for commercial purposes – design applied for the purpose of getting you to buy more.

If graphic design can have a commercial or political impact, we must assume that it can have a social impact as well. Vera & Ruedi gather together architects, landscape designers, anthropologists, sociologists, political scientists and others to critically examine how design at all scales affects social outcomes.

Civic City is a Curry Stone Foundation Social Design Circle Honoree. Read more about it here.


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