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Episode 46 | Gardening as Urban Action

Marco Clausen of Prinzessinnengärten discusses how they came to pioneer a form of mobile gardening, and the positive impacts it has had on their city.

Episode 46 | Gardening as Urban Action

About Prinzessinnengärten
Prinzessinnengärten is a bottom-up community garden initiative in Berlin notable for both its scale and its ingenuity in starting a public conversation about the democratic use of public space. It believes that as more and more people move into cities, urban areas are destined to become decisive places for the development of more sustainable ways of eating, living and moving.

The original initiative was started on a site in Berlin that had been left as a bombed-out wasteland for over fifty years. The group engaged friends, activists and neighbors to clear the site and plant organic vegetables and fruit in transportable plots they built themselves. While the surrounding area is still rough and urban, the 1.5-acre litter-filled lot is now a lush oasis of herbs, fruit, flowers and even bees; and a gathering and educational space that symbolizes community resilience in Berlin.

Prinzessinnengärten is a Curry Stone Foundation Social Design Circle Honoree. Read more about it here.


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