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108 | How to Kick the Building

Asad Syrkett is the Deputy Editor at Curbed, where he directs a portfolio around architecture, decor, urbanism, technology, fashion, art, travel, and issues of race and gender in the design world.

108 | How to Kick the Building

Syrkett works across publications & different forms of media. Previously, he was on the editorial staff for Architectural Digest, Architectural Record and Interview magazines. He’s also co-hosted two seasons of the podcast The Curbed Appeal and hosted a four part video series on design history.

Although his work spans across written, visual and audio forms, Syrkett maintains an integrity of storytelling that’s recognizable in so many forms.

We were lucky enough to have him on our podcast Social Design Insights to talk about this approach. Have a listen at the link above.


Our opening theme music for 2019 is "Bang Bang" and our closing theme is "Salvame" both by Eljuri from her album "La Lucha." The break music for this episode is "Faces" by Blondie from their album "Autoamerican."