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Blue Star Integrative Studio

Blue Star Integrative Studio (BSIS) is a Tribally Owned, Indigenous American professional services firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma offering feasibility studies, planning, and design services. It illuminates opportunities through collaboration to support the sustainability of people, places, and the planet.

Founded in 2013, BSIS works with agencies involved in community development, including non-profits and government agencies. The firm’s values include hard work, fairness, honesty, and community building. The success of BSIS lies in working closely with clients to discover creative solutions that are the best possible fit for people, places, and resources.

One focus of BSIS is protecting the environment. BSIS staff have crafted greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction strategies, at the core of which is building an inventory of GHG emissions throughout the supply chain. Approaches include creating carbon calculators for organizations to assess the impact of their products and services to mitigate those impacts; tracking, managing, and monitoring GHG emissions and identifying opportunities to reduce GHG emissions; and submitting data to voluntary programs which require rigorous accounting of greenhouse gas emissions. Results of these efforts include successfully securing the California relief funds to plant trees; the ability of California electrical firms to report emissions to clients that request the data for each phase of its supply chain (materials, transportation, etc); and more.

Another focus of BSIS is community planning and development. Through the National Endowment for the Arts funding, Blue Star was selected to lead a planning project for South 9th Avenue in Durant, OK. Community engagement sessions resulted in common goals, including the creation of a vibrant corridor with music, sidewalks, trails, art, and festivals. Through listening to the community and reflecting on their dreams, a conceptual master plan was developed that solved the various site constraints and offered a functional balance between the built environment, open spaces, and the preservation of natural areas and watersheds. 

The final focus of BSIS is architecture. In 2021, they began construction on the Crow/Northern Cheyenne Apartments. The 18-unit apartment building will provide housing to healthcare providers working at the nearby Crow/Northern Cheyenne Hospital in Crow Agency, Montana. Amenities include a fitness center, gathering spaces, and beautiful views that will encourage healthcare staff to relax without the worry of a long commute. BSIS will incorporate cultural patterns, colors, and concepts throughout the project to visually remind residents and passersby of the history and vibrant future of the Crow and Northern Cheyenne people.