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Alliance of Community Trainers

The Alliance of Community Trainers (ACT) is a collective that offers knowledge, tools, and skills to individuals, organizations and communities to empower sustainable transformation.

ACT works in the broad arenas of organizational development, problem solving and conflict resolution; they assist with consensus decision-making, facilitation, strategic campaigns, media and public speaking, alternative technology, nonviolent action and environmental sustainability.  ACT begins by supporting the development of a vision; starting with people where they are, learning their values and helping them shape a vision for the future. Examples of their work include organizing to provide direct relief to the survivors of the 2013 floods in Austin Texas and working with the group “Undoing Racism Austin” a collective working to connect Austin as a community united in its commitment to racial equity.

ACT holds that the solutions to current community problems lie within the communities themselves when people obtain the information, training and skills needed to facilitate those solutions. CSF supported ACT co-founder Lisa Fithian in creating a website and writing a book entitled Kicking Corporate Booty: A Manual For the People. The book and website educate people in using creative, nonviolent campaigns and direct actions to address injustices, making positive, healthy changes in their community.