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Upgrade of Public Housing Estates

As cities in the developing world grow, private and public housing estates for former slum and pavement dwellers are increasing. In India, more than two decades after the completion of the first public housing projects, questions are being raised about their liveability. Roofs are leaking and rainwater drainage and waste management systems are inadequate. Clean water, light and ventilation inside apartments and common areas are scarce. Outside, there is a lack of green spance and open spaces for children and adults. These issues affect everyday life and cause significant health challenges.

Because of this deterioration, there is a risk that residents will move out and set up informal settlements elsewhere, perpetuating unhealthy conditions.

Since July 2016, CSDC has been working with the community in partnership with Mahila Milan and the National Slum Dwellers’ Federation to bring changes to the living environment of a housing estate. The main goal is to help residents understand the need for a liveable, healthy space; one that takes care of both the physical and mental well-being of its residents.

Through discussions with residents, our collaboration partners and other stakeholders, CSDC knows that residents are keen to explore options to upgrade their existing homes to improve the living environment.

CSDC’s approach will be two pronged. First we will actively engage the community in behavioural changes. Second, we will explore creative design and engineering interventions that achieve desired changes without requiring major structural changes.