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Bethlehem Inn

Bethlehem Inn provides shelter to individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Central Oregon.

Since 1999, the Inn has helped thousands of people move out of homelessness and into stability. Recognizing the impact economic cycles and unexpected life events have on people’s livelihoods, Bethlehem Inn facilitates relationships between case managers and residents, so the latter group can rebuild their safety nets. The aim is to give them the resources needed to get back on their feet. Adults and families meet weekly with case managers who empower and support them in setting and achieving personalized goals. The shelter strives to provide a safe, stable environment that allows people to work on their futures, rather than having to focus on immediate survival. 

The Inn’s emphasis on homelessness being a temporary experience aims to address the stigma and stereotype associated with this state of being. The rules of admission and occupancy lend a safe structure and routine to the lives of the residents, while the staff and volunteers offer a kind and supportive environment to help them get through their challenges.

In addition to its capacity to host 150 adults and children, the Inn also provides limited overnight shelter during brutal winters to those who are unable to secure regular accommodation. With the addition of a Redmond Shelter location, Bethlehem Inn now has the capacity to provide shelter to, transform the lives of, and give hope to 1,300 individuals annually.