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Bethlehem Inn

Bethlehem Inn provides shelter to individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Central Oregon. Recognizing the impact economic cycles and unexpected life events have on peoples’ livelihoods, especially those from the lower rung of society, Bethlehem Inn seeks to provide assistance to help people get back on their feet.

Their emphasis on homelessness being a temporary experience aims to address the stigma and stereotype associated with this state of being. By treating people with dignity, offering resources and giving them assured meals and a roof over their heads, the shelter aims to create a stable and secure space for people to focus on their future rather than immediate survival. Residents are introduced to case managers who help them plan their next steps, guide them towards relevant services and opportunities, and follow up to ensure they are moving forward. The rules of admission and occupancy lend a safe structure and routine to the lives of the residents, while the staff and volunteers offer a kind and supportive environment to help them get through their challenges.

In addition to their capacity to host 150 adults and children, the Inn also provides limited overnight shelter during brutal winters to those who are unable to secure regular accommodation. With a vision to be inclusive and diverse in their approach, they help over 1300 individuals every year give their lives a new direction.