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Episode 44 | The Blue Economy of the Future

Jan Jongert of Superuse Studios shares experiences in designing new forms of ecology within the city.

Episode 44 | The Blue Economy of the Future

About Superuse Studios
Rotterdam based Superuse Studios has been at the leading edge of ecological thought and sustainability for several decades. Their work pioneers ideas around moving beyond the “green economy” to a new “blue” economy; where commercial enterprise is organized according to ecological principles and the waste stream of one business becomes the source of raw materials for another. By creating these ecological chains of activity, Superuse encourages a new way of thinking about business, urbanity and ecology.

Superuse’s attention focuses on waste with no obvious secondary purpose or easy means of recycling. One of their most visible projects involved windmill blades—objects so large and heavy that they defied efficient recycling. Superuse was able to repurpose them as playground equipment and they do quite well.

Superuse Studios is a Curry Stone Foundation Social Design Circle Honoree. Read more about it here.


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