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Episode 40 | Activating Community Voices

Isella Ramirez of Hester Street discusses their strategies for making communities be heard.

Episode 40 | Activating Community Voices

About Hester Street Collaborative
Hester Street is an urban planning, design and development nonprofit that works to ensure neighborhoods are shaped by the people who live in them. They offer planning, design and community development technical assistance to community-based organizations, government and other agencies.

The work of Hester Street is broken down into three main areas: urban planning, community development and capacity building. The different threads are united by a conviction that residents in underserved communities may not have a clear say in the development of their neighborhood and face the ongoing risk of gentrification. When planning decisions are made, all residents need to have a voice – even those who might be poor, undocumented, or who do not speak fluent English. To that end, Hester Street functions as a mediator, both between residents and designers and between residents and their city agencies.

Hester Street Collaborative is a Curry Stone Foundation Social Design Circle Honoree. Read more about it here.


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