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Episode 4 | Engaging Community, Engaging Practice

Arquitectura Expandida discusses its approach to working in informal communities alongside (and sometimes around) government.

Episode 4 | Engaging Community, Engaging Practice

About Arquitectura Expandida
Arquitectura Expandida (AXP) is a design collective based in Bogota, Colombia that builds structures for communities that cannot afford to go through official channels for design and construction. Bogota, as elsewhere, has not always kept up with the pace of urbanization. This has given rise to large informal and semi-formal communities. These provide contemporary Bogota with the social and economic capital needed for the city to thrive while also facing problems of integration.

Current members of Arquitectura Expandida are: Ana Lopez Ortego, Harold Guyaux, Randy Orjuela, Marina Tejedor, Felipe González.

Arquitectura Expandida is a Curry Stone Foundation Social Design Circle Honoree. Read more about it here.


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