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Episode 31 | Clothing, Currency and Community

Anshu Gupta of Goonj discusses his unique methodology for community development: clothes as currency.

Episode 31 | Clothing, Currency and Community

About Goonj
Goonj is a nongovernmental organization based in Delhi founded by Indian social entrepreneur Anshu Gupta in 1998. It trades clothing and other unused items donated by the urban middle class for community development work in poorer areas. Working with the community and development partners, infrastructure improvements are identified. Goonj then recruits workers from within the community who are paid with the donated clothing, cloth, utensils, furniture, and food. Goonj’s model allows poorer communities to direct their own development. They are instigators and owners of their improvement. They are no longer ‘beneficiaries,’ of charity, but workers who are paid in a non-monetary form of currency.

Goonj is a Curry Stone Foundation Social Design Circle Honoree. Read more about it here.


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