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Episode 24 | Tools for Urban Action, Pt. I

Ecosistema Urbano & Interboro share their stories about how they shaped a practice around public space.

Episode 24 | Tools for Urban Action, Pt. I

About Ecosistema Urbano
Ecosistema Urbano, which means “urban ecosystems,” is a Madrid and Miami based architecture and consulting firm that defines its approach as “urban social design.” It is dedicated to the urban context, a social approach and design as a tool for transformation. Founded in 2000 by Belinda Tato and Jose Luis Vallejo, a central part of its practice is “urban sustainability; combining urban design and planning with strategies articulating social, technical and management issues.

About Interboro
Interboro is an architecture, urban design, and planning firm based in Brooklyn, New York. Experts in public space design and community engagement, Interboro works across scales, from the building and neighborhood to the city and region. They are known for a participatory, place-specific approach that helps build consensus around complex projects.

Ecosistema Urbano and Interboro are both Curry Stone Foundation Social Design Circle Honorees. Read more about them here:


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