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Episode 13 | How to Design a School for $200

David Barragán of Al Borde discusses how design can empower a community to become their own designers & builders.

Episode 13 | How to Design a School for $200

About Al Borde
Al Borde is a collaborative and experimental architecture studio that uses participatory processes to engage people who are living on the margin of society, whether in the remote coastal regions of Ecuador or in the informal settlements of Latin America’s major cities. Their work is known for extreme affordability. One of their most notable school projects was accomplished this on a budget of $200.

Al Borde’s approach to community architecture has been shaped by three “hope projects,” Escuela Nueva Esperanza (2009), Esperanza Dos (2011), and Ultima Esperanza (2014). These were located in Puerto Cabuyal in the Manabi Province, a fishing village of about 35 families who subsist on fishing and agricultural activities.

Al Borde is a Curry Stone Foundation Social Design Circle Honoree. Read more about it here.


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