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122 | Imagining New Futures for the Planet

Alex Steffen is an award-winning writer, speaker and foresight consultant, focused on climate change and planetary sustainability.

122 | Imagining New Futures for the Planet

In the 2000’s, he ran the pioneering sustainability and social innovation website and edited two best-selling Worldchanging books. The Worldchanging work introduced a generation of social designers to a wide breadth of designs, designers & strategists focused on making a better world.

His 2012 book Carbon Zero: Imagining cities that can save the planet is an exploration of the kinds of design, technological and policy innovations that can transform our cities.

He previously served as the Planetary Futurist in Residence at IDEO, curated the 3 part documentary series The Heroic Future, and launched The Snap Forward: New thinking for winning the climate fight, a new book of strategies for combating climate change. Currently, he writes a type of ‘anticipatory journalism’ under the title The Nearly Now – a series of dispatches from the future.

We were fortunate to have Steffen join us on our podcast Social Design Insights for our climate emergency segment, where we discussed his unique work in envisioning better futures. Have a listen at the link above.


Our opening theme music for 2019 is "Bang Bang" and our closing theme is "Salvame" both by Eljuri from her album "La Lucha." The break music for this episode is "Future Games" by Fleetwood Mac from their album "Future Games."