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102 | Putting Humans at the Center of Design launched in 2011 as an offshoot of the global design and innovation firm IDEO. It’s mission has been to develop both better products for people in need as well as to promote human-centered design as an animus and strategy for humanitarian work.

102 | Putting Humans at the Center of Design

Like it’s parent, has developed a suite of highly-regarded products and programs that utilize design-thinking to solve daunting problems.

The basic steps would be familiar to any designer: build, test, iterate until it works. However, foregrounds design thinking into a humanitarian space – a space not always known for its creative thinking.

The group designs products, services, and programs that address poverty and inequality across multiple sectors.

The Global Health practice focuses on ensuring women of all ages can make informed choices about their family’s health and wellbeing. The complications of pregnancy are a leading cause of death for adolescent girls across the developing world. For many more, having a child too soon means dropping out of school and continuing an intergenerational cycle of poverty.

The Equity practice supports marginalized communities across the U.S. to break cycles of poverty and inequality.

The Prosperity practice works to create tools and services that strengthen livelihoods and help people build financial resilience.

The Transformation practice helps organizations evolve to meet emerging development and humanitarian challenges.

In addition, designs and produces guides and tutorials so that partners and aspiring changemakers can utilize their approach. You can find links to their resources and programs at left.

We were fortunate enough to catch up with Daniel Feldman and Adam Reineck of on our podcast Social Design Insights. Have a listen at the link above.


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