The Curry Stone foundation is pleased to announce that six of our past winners will be presenting at this year’s Architectural Biennale in Venice, Italy, beginning May 28th. This is an exciting moment for us, our winners and for all socially-minded designers.

This year’s Biennale, curated by 2010 Curry Stone Design Prize winner Alejandro Aravena, is entitled REPORTING FROM THE FRONT and seeks to highlight the work of designers who are confronting issues of segregation, inequality, access to sanitation, forced migration, natural disaster and a host of other social ills. In Aravena’s own words, “we would like to widen the range of issues to which architecture is expected to respond, adding explicitly to the cultural and artistic dimensions that already belong to our scope, those that are on the social, political, economical and environmental end of the spectrum.”

Past winners of the Curry Stone Prize who will be exhibiting include: