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“People don’t want to talk about conflicts.” Avni Sethi, the artist and dancer behind the Conflictorim told The Better India blog in 2017. “People want to talk about conflict resolution, without understanding the situation or confronting and accepting the conflict. We are a neutral party. We do nothing except put the issue on the table for discussion. Because without accepting the existence of a conflict, achieving resolution is futile.”

The Conflictorium is a participatory museum that addresses the theme of conflict. It is divided into 6 spaces starting with the ‘Conflict Timeline’, which attempts to showcase the violent and oppressive past of Gujarat since 1960. ‘Empathy Alley’ shows silhouettes of post-independence political figures, and one can hear famous speeches by each of these visionaries in their original voices. The ‘Moral Compass’ invites visitors to see, read, and touch the Indian constitution. The ‘Memory Lab’ allows visitors to let out their innermost thoughts by adding their notes to the empty jars in the shelves. The ‘Power of the New’ is a sound installation and ‘The Sorry Tree’ appeals to the power of humility and apology by letting visitors tie their apologies to the branches of a tree.

Many memorials and museums focus on a specific conflict. They memorialize a battle, a war, a genocide, or a victory. The Conflictorium transcends this limited framework and holistically address how conflicts begin and how they can be resolved.

In addition to the exhibitions, the center hosts daily poetry readings, discussions and artist workshops.