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Episode 48 | Nurturing Collective Imagination in Rome

Lorenzo Romito of Stalker discusses the ‘territory’ of architecture and how it can be expanded.

Episode 48 | Nurturing Collective Imagination in Rome

About Stalker
Stalker, formerly known as Stalker Lab, is a collective of artists, architects, activists and others whose work focuses on the margins of the city. They work for and with those who are internally displaced, neglected and forgotten by formal civil structures.

The group takes its name from the deranged anti-hero of Andrei Tarkowski’s 1979 film “Stalker” and was founded in 1990 by a group of architecture students during an occupation of Rome University. Created as a response to the growing number of areas within Rome being neglected as a result of urbanization, privatization and capital-driven development, Stalker shies away from descriptions of themselves as “architectural,” as its members and collaborators have included artists, art historians, theoreticians, an astrophysicist, a geologist and a dentist.

Stalker is a Curry Stone Foundation Social Design Circle Honoree. Read more about it here.


Social Design Insights would like to thank all those who make our weekly show possible: Baruch Zeichner, our Producer and Sound Engineer, Donna Read, for producing our video content, and Leah Freidenrich, Director of the Curry Stone Foundation. Our theme music for 2017 is "Sorry" by Comfort Fit. The break music is ancient Roman music.