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96 | Knowing the Business of Social Design

Katie Crepeau is a freelance consultant whose practice helps social impact designers grow their organizations. Crepeau has a deep history within the field of public interest design, beginning with work at Impact Design Hub and eventually founding Design Affects, an online resource for aspiring social impact designers.

96 | Knowing the Business of Social Design

Subsequently, Crepeau founded her practice as she realized that many aspiring social designers suffered from similar problems and hurdles. Successive generations of social designers often find themselves relearning the same lessons from scratch, as many of the methods and practices are far from institutionalized. Social design often isn’t something you learn how to do – it’s something that you do and learn along the way.

Consultants like Crepeau aim to change that, by bringing a business-type consulting service to the world of social design.

Her work contributes to an ongoing fabric of knowledge-sharing throughout the social design field, helping designers learn from each other, and from experts.

We were fortunate enough to catch up with Crepeau on Social Design Insights. Have a listen.


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