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Episode 53 | Designing After Revolution

Omar Nagati and Beth Stryker share their thoughts on CLUSTER Cairo, and the design of urban activism.

Episode 53 | Designing After Revolution

About CLUSTER Cairo
Cairo Lab for Urban Studies, Training and Environmental Research (CLUSTER) is a design practice and a critical space for urban discourse founded in Egypt in response to the Arab Spring. It aims at establishing a critical space for urban discourse by engaging in critical theorization while being grounded in professional practice; negotiating the blurred boundaries between formal/institutional regulations and everyday urban informality.

CLUSTER was founded in 2011 by architect & urban planner Omar Nagati and artist and designer Beth Stryker in response to the dramatic changes that Cairo was undergoing, to include people taking to the streets to create change from the ground up. Aware that the moment of flux was temporary, they felt it was up to designers to capitalize on the opportunity to create change out the sense of empowered community. Nagati and Stryker began with observation and documentation.

CLUSTER Cairo is a Curry Stone Foundation Social Design Circle Honoree. Read more about it here.


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