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Episode 28 | How All Space Becomes Public Space, Pt. II

EXYZT and Basurama tell us strategies for how to take over public space.

Episode 28 | How All Space Becomes Public Space, Pt. II

EXYZT was a European multidisciplinary design collective that broke ground in disrupting traditional notions of how public space can be organized. In fact, their approach challenged the very idea of what “architecture” is. Rather than something to be exhibited and admired intellectually from the outside, architecture should be experienced, lived in, and played with.

About Basurama
Best known for creating colorful playgrounds from common landfill waste like old tires, wooden pallets, and discarded plastics, Basurama is a Spanish artist collective creating projects that provide cultural amenities while facilitating a wider conversation about the production of waste in our consumer society and how it can be transformed into a resource. Beyond a literal definition of trash, Basurama’s work makes us consider wasted space, wasted energy, and how higher thinking on these issues can lead to urban rejuvenation.

EXYZT and Basurama are Curry Stone Foundation Social Design Circle Honorees. Read more about them here:


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