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Episode 15 | A Homeowner-driven Approach to Rebuilding After Disaster

Dr. Elizabeth Hausler of Build Change details a homeowner-driven approach to rebuilding after disaster.

Episode 15 | A Homeowner-driven Approach to Rebuilding After Disaster

About Build Change
Founded in 2004 by civil engineer Dr. Elizabeth Hausler, Build Change’s philosophy is distinguished by a homeowner-driven, cash-plus-technical-assistance approach. Historically, much of post-disaster reconstruction is driven by top-down decisions made by large international NGOs. Build Change is committed to letting homeowners make the critical decisions about their own rebuilding.

Further, they are mindful of the crucial role of women in this process. Build Change’s emphasis on employing women trainers and engineers increases the number of mentors and role models for girls. In addition to employing women in traditionally male-dominated sectors, it also works alongside female homeowners, brickmakers, builders, and other community members to encourage female participation in resilient construction practice.

Build Change is a Curry Stone Foundation Social Design Circle Honoree. Read more about it here.


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