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Episode 11 | Emily Pilloton and John Peterson Argue for Design as the Great Equalizer, Part II

We continue our discussion with John and Emily about what role design can play in challenging rising economic and social inequality.

Episode 11 | Emily Pilloton and John Peterson Argue for Design as the Great Equalizer, Part II

About Public Architecture
Public Architecture is a San Francisco, California based architectural non-profit whose mission is to formalize and act as a connector for pro bono services within the professions of architecture, interiors and landscape architecture. It was founded by John Peterson, and grew out of his private practice, John Peterson Architects. Peterson began devoting more and more of his firm’s time to pro bono projects and conceived of the possibility of a national or global network of firms which did the same thing.

About Project H Design
Project H Design is a Berkeley, California based design education non-profit focused on developing leadership skills for youth through hands-on exposure to designing and building. Its programs range from a design-build class where high school students experiment and tinker, resulting in audacious, socially transformative projects to an afterschool program and dedicated workspace for girls 9-17, to professional development for teachers.

Public Architecture and Project H Design are both Curry Stone Foundation Social Design Circle Honorees. Read more about them here:


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