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Curry Stone Design Collaborative (CSDC) is an architecture and design studio that works alongside diverse communities in identifying and addressing their collective needs for an improved built environment through participatory planning, community-driven design and architecture, advocacy and consultation.

CSDC believes that in a world where social, economic and political inequalities manifest themselves into inequalities of built spaces, thoughtfully designed, safe and functional spaces are vital for robust communities and individual flourishing.

Our Approach

Community-driven design

Unites practitioners and community in a common cause: addressing inequalities using design.

Our design process supports organic and community-led transformation by enabling and empowering community members to become decision makers while we play the role of facilitators.

Remain lean and nimble

We will expand within and beyond India via partnerships with communities, nonprofits, government and local civic bodies, and professional agencies.

We are sensitive to local and evolving needs and aspirations of our client communities and employ contextual design methodologies.

Children reclaiming their play areas

Incubate “Patient Development”

Community-led transformation is naturally organic and evolving.

We don’t mandate strict deadlines, broad replicability or purely quantitative results.

We do wait for sustained, qualitative metrics including improved vitality and quality of life.

CSDC Initiatives in Progress

Can former slum and pavement dwellers design better living solutions for themselves? As developing-world cities grow, housing estates for slum and pavement dwellers multiply. In India, the liveability of these developments is questionable, so CSDC and residents will collaborate on positive changes.
How can a designer build trust among residents under a constant threat of eviction? The residents of a Ahmednagar slum live under a constant threat of eviction. CSDC is focusing on trust building, empowering residents to take on development and construction of their homes.

Updates from the Field